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News and Updates


January 2022 - Sam has just played the lead in an 30 second advert using real film which was very exciting. She can't wait to see the final product.

December 2021 - Sam has recorded 3 more of her songs: 'Tree of Life', 'Follow the Breeze' and 'False Face'.

Exciting News: Sam's original song 'Sweet Song' was played on the BBC Music Introducing radio show on Saturday 16th October 2021 and shared on BBC Bristol, BBC Gloucestershire and BBC Wiltshire.

October 2021 Sam has recorded 3 of her songs 'Sweet Song', 'Where do we go' and 'Bounteous Beauty' and is excited to share them. She is eager to get into the recording studio again soon. 

September/October 2021 - Sam enjoyed playing the character of Rachel in Vicky Helyar's short film 'Twelfth Day'.

August 2021 - Sam played the part of Amy in the BRI funded short 'Services' - more info to follow.

May 2021 - Voice-over for Landmark Group's short film  

March/April 2021Sam has just finished filming a short student film 'A Right Charlie'.

August 2020 Sam is currently involved developing a wonderful musical story. She is loving writing the songs to accompany the main character's exciting journey. More to be revealed at a later date.


Sam Thorp plays the role of Hope's mother Rose in this powerful family drama.

The short film 'Hope' was aired on TV  on Monday 23rd September 2019 on Film4 and the Together channel. It is still available to watch on - check it out here:

Remember to turn on the subtitles at the bottom of the screen (cc) if you need them!

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